Fire Detection

Fires are a primary threat that can deliver a devastating blow to your business, your assets, your employees and customers.

When Integrated Protection System experts meet with you to learn about your security needs, they’ll assess your particular risk for fire and design a system tailored to your needs. Not a one-size-fits-all system that you have to adapt to, but one that fits you and your business from the start.

Rapid response during a fire can make all the difference in saving lives and property. Integrated Protection Systems helps save you critical seconds with a range of fire protection solutions, each one implemented in a way that’s best for your business.

  • Smoke detectors that use photoelectric technology, accurately alerting you to a fire while decreasing instances of false alarms.
  • Automatic sprinklers that activate when heat is detected so measures are taken to control the fire even before the fire department arrives.
  • Manual pull stations to trigger audible and visual cues that a fire is occurring.
  • Duct smoke detectors that shut down air ventilation units to reduce smoke inhalation.

If an alarm is triggered, audible and visual alerts notify occupants. And unlike “local” alarms that stop there, our alarms send an emergency signal to our award-winning 24/7 Monitoring Center so operators can immediately dispatch your local fire department.

Contact us today so we can custom tailor a security solution that’s perfect for you.